School Membership

We know how hard leading a school can be.

It can be an isolated role, constantly judged and held accountable, you make tough decisions every day.

Being able to openly share your doubts and challenges with other leaders facing the same doubts and challenges as you, is a gift.

All you want to do is make decisions that make life better for your staff, children and the wider community.

We understand all of this because this is what we do too.

Connect with other headteachers in a safe solutions-focused environment.
Collaborate on solutions for common challenges.
Support and be supported.
Become the leader you want to be.

Our Offer

20 Headteacher Roundtables

10 School Community Roundtables

Supportive Community Space

Safe confidential spaces to have solution-focused conversations with peers who share your values – honesty, trust & collaboration.
The agenda is yours.

Networking events for your school staff. Opportunities to share good practice and overcome specific challenges.

A safe supportive forum to continue supporting each other and ask quick questions.

A Voice in Education

Unique CPD Opportunities

An important aspect of the roundtables is the communication of expertise and ideas to the wider education community.
Your voice matters and will have a big impact when shared.


Take advantage of a unique opportunity to use your expertise to pay for your membership using the Education Roundtables brand.

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Our Goal

Our goal is simple. We want to connect like-minded Senior Leaders and Schools creating a nationwide network of support and expertise.

A tribe of educators who will support and hold each other up against adversity, solve problems, overcome challenges and nurture the leaders of the future.

A clan of coaches, discussing and sharing good practice that makes a difference to children in classrooms across the country.

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