Teacher Sick Days, Sugar-free Schools and Good-looking pupils.


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According to an article in The Independent, better-looking children performed better on tests of academic achievement. On average they perform 0.4 years better than their less attractive peers.

A number of possible reasons were cited, ranging from better relationships with teachers, being on the receiving end of less bullying and fewer behavioural problems at school. However, the overall effect was greater than the sum of all three of those factors, so more research will need to be done.

ITV News reports on research carried out by dental surgeons, which shows that in three years there were more than 100,000 hospital admissions in England for children under the age of 10. And for every year, 60,000 school days are lost because of poor oral health.

They pose the question: Should our schools become sugar-free?

I would suggest tackling the hidden sugars in food first.Ed

In Kent, schools have been named and shamed for topping the county league table of absences.

This is another stick to beat teachers with. Instead of naming and shaming, perhaps they should be trying to get to the cause of the absences. They are a symptom of something. – Ed