Saturday January 15th 2022

Reserve your place at our Post-Christmas Do. The event is taking place somewhere in Sheffield, we need to collect numbers before we can book. Join us for a meal, drinks and time with friends. You are more than welcome to bring someone, but the event is not designed to be a child friendly one…

The form below is to book a room for up to 2 people. If you are prepared to share,  select a single room, and then select yes for prepared to share. If you have already arranged this with someone, include their name in the text box. We can match up later. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know for when we book the restaurant.

A deposit of £100 secures your place.

I have asked for your address so we know who has booked, feel free to leave your school address rather than a personal one.


Number of People
Room Type
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Sharing with?
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