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Connect. Share. Inspire.

Friday, 14th June, Leeds

Event Overview

Transforming Minds, Not Just Informing Them

Learn and Grow

Enhance your presentation skills and technical prowess in a supportive setting. Gain confidence and grow professionally, ready to make a lasting impression in the world of education.

Connect and Collaborate

Join a unique gathering of educational leaders at EdTalks in an intimate and supportive environment. Share your visions with peers and find new collaborators among forward-thinkers.

Share and Inspire

Showcase your passion and expertise in education through a 15-minute talk. Inspire your peers, and extend your impact online, demonstrating the vibrant spirit of your school community.

Unlock the Day: Your Journey at EdTalks


Why Attend Ed Talks

Elevate your Skills

You'll receive hands-on training in essential presentation skills and tech savviness, empowering you to communicate your educational vision more effectively. It's an investment in your professional growth, equipping you with the confidence to stand and deliver in any setting.

Showcase Your School

Leverage the platform to highlight your school's commitment to innovation and excellence. The recordings from the event offer a dynamic tool for recruitment and community engagement, showcasing the expertise and passion that define your institution.

Inspire and Be Inspired

Share the stage with a diverse group of educators, each bringing their unique insights and passions to the fore. Your 15-minute talk is not just a presentation; it's a contribution to a rich tapestry of ideas that could reshape the future of education.

A Unique Partnership Opportunity

Dynamic Duos in Education: EdTalks champions the powerful collaboration between trust leads, headteachers and their Senior Leadership Team members. Designed expressly for pairs, this event is an ideal platform for those who are leading their schools side by side, combining vision with action.

For Trust Leaders, Headteachers and SLT Members: Whether you’re at the helm or a key figure driving strategic initiatives within your school, EdTalks beckons you to a shared journey of inspiration and learning. This event is tailored for trust leads-headteacher-SLT member pairs, fostering a collaborative environment where both can flourish.

A Dual Role of Influence and Support: One of you will share your insights and innovations from the stage, while the other plays a critical role in supporting, learning, and potentially preparing for future opportunities to speak. This dual approach amplifies the impact of your participation, benefiting not just yourselves but your entire school community.

Elevate Together: We encourage trust leads or headteachers to invite a member of their SLT who shares their passion for educational excellence and innovation. This is your chance to not only voice your achievements and ideas but also to model the collaborative leadership that is vital in today’s educational landscape.

Grow as Leaders, Together: EdTalks is more than an event; it’s a catalyst for strengthening the leadership within your school. Through shared experiences, insights, and the act of supporting one another, you and your SLT member will return to your school equipped with new ideas and a reinforced partnership.

Sound Good? Let's Go!

An Exclusive Gathering: Limited Spaces for Maximum Impact

We believe in the power of intimacy and the depth of connections that can only be forged in a smaller, more personalized setting. To ensure each participant experiences the full benefit of our collaborative and interactive environment, we have made a deliberate choice to limit attendance to just 8 pairs of educational leaders.

Why Only 8 Pairs?

Focused Attention: Smaller groups ensure that every voice is heard, every question is addressed, and every session is tailored to the participants’ needs and interests.

Deeper Engagement: With fewer attendees, each pair gains more opportunities to engage directly with speakers, experts, and fellow participants, fostering meaningful exchanges that go beyond the surface level.

Enhanced Networking: A smaller, select group allows for the development of stronger connections and the possibility of forming lasting professional relationships and collaborations.

Quality Over Quantity: Our commitment to an intimate gathering means we prioritize the quality of interactions and the depth of learning experiences over the number of attendees.

Secure Your Spot

Given the limited availability, we encourage interested pairs to register early to secure their place at this unique event. EdTalks is not just another educational conference; it’s a carefully curated experience designed to inspire, empower, and connect leaders in education like never before.

Join us for an unforgettable day of growth, inspiration, and collaborative learning. Let’s redefine educational leadership together.

Secure Your Spot

Please Note: Limited Availability Disclaimer
While we are thrilled by your interest in joining EdTalks, please be aware that due to the intimate nature of our event, places are extremely limited and offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Submitting this registration form does not automatically guarantee your spot. We will confirm your registration via email as soon as possible. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this process and are excited about the possibility of welcoming you to what promises to be an inspiring and transformative experience.

Our Partner - Elementary Technology

The magic happens in schools when people share, listen and learn from each other. Elementary Technology know and believe this, which is why we work hard to bring people together to enable school improvement using what we love – education technology.

It’s also why we’re excited to work with Ben and Education Roundtables to bring you this inspiring EdTalks event.

We help hundreds of schools and MATs, and all those who work in them, to understand and upgrade technology to enhance teaching, learning, safeguarding, and their school community. This starts with helping them understand where they are now, bringing stakeholders together to make fully-informed plans and choices, and then working hard to ensure the benefits technology brings are enjoyed by everyone involved.


We call this Planning, Choosing, Buying, Using. Visit our website for more: elementaryuk.com .


EdTalks is designed for headteachers and a member of their Senior Leadership Team (SLT) from the same school. It’s an exclusive opportunity for these educational leaders to collaborate, share, and grow together. Both roles are encouraged to participate, whether presenting or supporting.

Registration can be completed through our online form. We encourage early registration due to limited spots. The deadline for registration is May 31st 2024, but spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

The event is free to attend, but registration is required due to the limited number of spaces available.

For this event, we ask that one member of the pair prepare to present, while the other takes on a supportive role, potentially presenting at future events. This approach ensures a variety of perspectives and experiences are shared.

We welcome a broad range of topics related to education, leadership, innovation, and community building in schools. Presentations should aim to inspire, challenge, and provoke thoughtful discussion among peers.

We understand that plans can change. If you’re unable to attend, please notify us as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to another pair. This helps us maintain the intimate and engaging atmosphere planned for the event.

The day is split into two main parts: the morning session focuses on skill-building workshops, and the afternoon session is dedicated to presentations and discussions. There will be breaks throughout the day for networking and refreshments. Lunch is provided, if you have any dietary requirements please let us know once we confirm your participation.

Yes, with your consent, presentations will be recorded and made available for educational purposes. We believe in sharing the wealth of knowledge presented at Ed Talks with a wider audience. You will get a copy of your presentation to add to your school website.

In addition to bringing an open mind and any notes or materials you might need for your presentation, we ask each attendee to bring a personal item that holds special meaning to you. During one of our interactive morning workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to share this item and its story with the group. This exercise is designed to foster connection and understanding among participants, setting the stage for a day of meaningful engagement and collaboration. Please choose an item that you are comfortable discussing and that reflects an aspect of your educational journey or philosophy.

We’ll provide the necessary tech and support for your talk.

You can reach us at b.brown@edrt.co.uk. We’re here to help with any questions or concerns you may have about the event.

We are excited to welcome you to a specially selected venue on the outskirts of Leeds, near Yeadon. A short drive from the city centre

The selection of our Ed Talks venue was made with careful consideration to ensure it meets the needs of our dynamic event. Our chosen location is about the state-of-the-art technology available to us. This venue offers cutting-edge facilities that will enhance the delivery of presentations and workshops, ensuring an immersive and interactive experience for all participants.

From high-definition audiovisual systems to seamless connectivity options, the technology at our venue supports our goal of fostering a dynamic environment for learning, sharing, and collaboration. It enables us to record presentations in high quality, facilitating broader dissemination and impact. This choice reflects our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our speakers and attendees, ensuring that every aspect of Ed Talks is engaging, professional, and memorable.

We understand the importance of accessibility and convenience, which is why, despite the exclusive technological advantages, we recommend car-sharing due to limited parking. Rest assured, every detail of your experience, from the serene location to the innovative tech, has been orchestrated to enrich your participation in Ed Talks.

Our venue on the outskirts of Leeds, near Yeadon, provides a serene setting for EdTalks, contributing to the event’s intimate and focused atmosphere. However, please be aware that parking space is limited. To ensure a smooth experience for all attendees, we strongly recommend car-sharing with other participants. Not only does this help with parking, but it also aligns with our commitment to sustainability and provides a wonderful opportunity for additional networking and connection enroute to the event.