The Top 3 Lessons I Learned From Not Asking For Help

‘Is that all ok?’ my line manager asked, smiling. ‘Yeah of course! No problem at all!’ I replied, brightly. Too brightly. My mask of a tight smile didn’t slip until I got back to my office, strategically hanging my coat over the in-cut window, calmly setting out a bottle of my favoured sparkling water, steadily … Read more

How to demonstrate impact as a leader.

The tantalising promise of new beginnings, fresh as the crisp first page of your recently purchased notebook in the first CPD session of the year, are irresistible, particularly if you have ambitions to make this year count in your journey to school leadership. The start of a new school year, or even a new school … Read more

6 key actions to undertake if you are aspiring to leadership

Leadership is often spoken about as though it is something you will undoubtedly attain – that golden chalice of being an exceptional leader being just a simple mix of determination and a few well-worn books away. In reality, the path to gaining a leadership role in education is far from easy. Navigating the complex world … Read more